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For the lovers of live chat rooms, we are the best. Our live chat rooms offer you the opportunity to speak with your chatmates on the go. You will get the opportunity to talk through the microphone, or you can chat using your webcam. The reasons why we remain the best is the quality of our chat rooms. Our site is easy to use, and the chat rooms have no lag time as long as your internet is fast enough. We provide you with the pleasure of one-time communication through video, image, and text with our modern live chat lines. There is no time wasted, and the difference in your texts is just seconds away. When speaking to a multitude of people with plenty of delays, there is always confusion. Our live chat rooms are fast so that such delays are minimized, and there is no confusion. You will enjoy straight forward, fast and smooth conversations.

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Few online chat sites have a reliable mobile site. Another reason again as to why we remain to be the best. Our mobile friendly site will work smoothly on your Android and iPhone mobile devices including tablets. The mobile site gives you the freedom to travel over and about while enjoying the conversation on your chatroom. Whether you are home or away, will be there with you. The mobile sites are fast, and chats will experience little interruptions. We are alway working hard to bring you the best and the latest in the world of technology. Our adoption of mobile phone chat rooms is to help you remain in the mix even when you are not at home. We keep on updating our features to make sure nothing new will be missing from our site. Our flexibility in providing the best chat services is unequalled.

Video Chat!

Having to chat on a global chat room with people you have never seen leaves you with a lot of questions. That is the reason why we have put our best foot forward and evolved from the traditional text chats to the current live video chats. Video chatting gives you the opportunity to see the people you are talking to and get to hear their voices. Our video chat features are available for all. The only thing you need to use this feature is a webcam and a microphone. If you get any trouble using the webcam, you can check out our FCN webcam guide.

Instant Messaging Apps

Text messaging has been with us for a long time now. For some people, it is the most preferred method of chatting. Our FCN website gives you access to instant text messaging to people all over the world. This feature is the most preferred by those who love the private one on one chats. The FCN instant messaging is absolutely free of charge. You could also decide to join group messaging. In a group, you will get to interact with more people from around the world free of charge. You can also make your texting more interesting by the use of images, stickers, and emojis. Instant messaging will enable you to have much fun once your chatmates get in the rhythm.